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Clay Douglass and his 15th Cooking Secret: Pear Salad February 17, 2010

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Clay Douglass Cooking Secrets - Pear Salad

Clay Douglass Cooking Secrets - Pear Salad

Have you ever tried the pear salad? No? You should then keep reading to find out more about Clay Douglass ´s 15th Cooking Secret: Pear salad.

Ingredients: 1 can peas, 1 chopped onion, lettuce, 1 clove chopped garlic, 1 spoon of mayonnaise, 5  prawns, salt.

History: this recipe seems to have some connections with the Polish cuisine.

Instructions:Drain water from the can and put peas in a bowl, add chopped onion, lettuce and garlic and stir. Next add the cooked prawns. Add mayonnaise and salt to your liking and enjoy!

You will like if: you are a pear fan.

Clay Douglass ´ Score: 3/5.